Thursday, October 29, 2015

Parents Play a Huge Part in a Child’s Acting Career (part 2 of 2)

Just like applying for a job interview, leave the house early and make sure that you get there 30 minutes before the start of the audition. Once you get there, find the office so you can sign up your child. If it asks you to write down your child’s Social Security Number, don’t because this could easily be stolen and used by someone else.

Your child should be ready to perform the skit the moment their name is called so make him or her relax by letting them do something else like play with their PSP or Gameboy.  When it’s their turn, hand over to the casting director your child’s resume and headshot.

If it is a closed audition, you won’t be able to watch it so you will have to wait in the holding area until it is all over. If you are allowed to stay, just watch and keep quiet. There will be time to ask questions later when the child is done and you can talk about it once you walk out the door.

The support you give to your child must never cease regardless of the outcome of the audition. If the casting director says no, cheer them up and tell them that there will be other auditions in the future. Give them positive feedback of how they did up there then later on tell them where they can improve on.

If the casting director has accepted your child, be happy and be prepared to help them excel in their craft because this could be the start of their acting career which could continue well into adulthood. Should they become famous, one of the people they will never forget and have a debt of gratitude to is you, the parent because you encouraged and pushed them to become a star.

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