Thursday, October 29, 2015

Parents Play a Huge Part in a Child’s Acting Career (part 1 of 2)

Some parents push their children into acting. But did you know that training the child how to sing or dance is just one of the things you have to work on?

This is because most casting directors look at other factors before accepting them. They look at the life of the child outside of acting and what extra curricular activities do they engage in. The ideal child actor they are looking for is someone relaxed and confident in his or her abilities.

But the casting director will also look at you, the parent because they know that when the child has a project, you will be the one to bring them to work. They will also need your help making the child memorize the lines in the script and encourage them to do their best in front of the camera.

Before you get the part, one major hurdle that every child has to face is the audition.

Some parents hear about the opening from an ad in the newspaper or in television. If you have an agent working for you, he or she will give you a call and tell you when and where it is going to take place.

Make sure that your child is wearing the right clothes. Ideally, this should be a shirt or blouse without any logo. Never let your child wear the part even if the ad states that they are looking for someone to play a certain character.

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